Based on an assessment of the gaps and critical needs of the Cluster, the key project interventions have been proposed. The interventions are aimed at building the capacity of the identified cluster in a holistic manner. The Fashion Accessories Cluster Project under SFURTI will have 2 (two) types of interventions, i.e., Soft Interventions and Hard Interventions. The key soft interventions are focusing on organizing the artisans into small producers groups namely Producers Groups (PGs) consisting of 5-6 artisans providing training and capacity-building support to enhance their production and productivity using modern technologies such as advanced machine for policing, cutting, designing, etc and providing marketing facility through creation of cluster-level institution, SPV, represented by leading artisans and providing them market facilitation support to sell cluster products outside the state through exhibitions, buyers sellers meet, etc. Similarly, the Hard intervention can be divided broadly into 3 (three) categories namely

  • Creation of Cluster level Common Facilitation Centre,
  • Village level production centre and
  • Providing improved Tools and Machines such as furnace, cutting machine, designing machine, hammering machine etc.

The Scheme would cover three types of interventions namely „soft interventions‟, „hard interventions‟ and „thematic interventions‟.

1. Soft Interventions :-

Soft Interventions under the project would consist of activities such as

  • General awareness, counselling, motivation and trust building;
  • Skill development and capacity building/ for the entire value chain different skills need to be imparted;
  • Institution development;
  • Exposure visits;
  • Market promotion initiatives;
  • Design and product development;
  • Participation in seminars, workshops and training programmes on technology up-gradation, etc.

2 .Hard Interventions :-

Hard interventions will include creation of following facilities

  • Multiple facilities for multiple products and packaging wherever needed;
  • Common facility centres (CFCs);
  • Raw material banks (RMBs);
  • Up-gradation of production infrastructure;
  • Tools and technological up-gradation such as charkha up-gradation, toolkit distribution, etc.
  • Warehousing facility;
  • Training center;
  • Value addition and processing center/multi-products.

Note: The assistance for raw material bank (RMB) shall be leveraged with financial institution for enhanced credit.

3.Thematic interventions :-

In addition to the above mentioned hard components and soft components, the scheme will also support cross-cutting thematic interventions at the sector level including several clusters in the same sector with emphasis on both domestic and international markets. These will primarily include:

  • Brand building and promotion campaign
  • New media marketing
  • e-Commerce initiatives
  • Innovation
  • Research & development initiatives
  • Developing institutional linkages with the existing & proposed clusters

Note: These interventions are illustrative in nature and the project may cover any of the other felt needs of the cluster (as detailed in the DPR and approved by SSC), that will enable the cluster enterprises in improving their competitiveness.