Mission & Vision

Our Mission
  • Increase the cluster production, productivity and as well as income levels of the artisans.
  • Fashion Accessories cluster artisans under SFURTI programme will be provided with training on handling advanced machineries, development of new designs and up-gradation of technical skills. Such training is expected to reduce the overall working hour of artisans. Besides, it will increase the new range of cluster products.
  • Innovation of new designs and up-gradation of traditional products will enable the cluster artisans to capture new markets.
  • Hiring of designer of Fashion Accessories craft under SFURTI programme is expected to provide regular guidance to the cluster artisans.
  • Introduction of advance melting machineries at Common Facility Centre (CFC) is expected to reduce the possibilities of accident while melting the metals. It will also reduce the melting time as well as reduce variable cost of the artisans.
  • Banks will extend financial support to the potential Fashion Accessories cluster units, which is expected to reduce the dependency on middlemen or local money lender for financial related problems of the unit.
  • Backward linkages with external stakeholders will reduce the problems related to supply of raw material, advance machineries and tools, marketing, finance, access to information etc.
  • However, the cluster forward linkages will develop a new marketing channel’s which in-turn provide more reward for cluster products.
Our Vision
  • Strengthening of cluster governance system through formation of SPV, establishment of forward and backward linkages.
  • Formation of consortia for common sales (through sales outlet) will enable artisans to display their products.
  • Establishment of a raw material bank/ depot and value addition center will develop new line of product.